Where Does Stress Come From?


We are taught from an early age to look outside of ourselves for people and situations that “stress us out”.   The truth is….. it is our own REACTION to the situation or person that causes the stress.

The “Stress” we experience is most often a “pattern” of reacting which occurs over and over based upon one of two things in our subconscious mind.
1. Inborn “Hard-wiring”.  We are each born with preferences for dealing with the world that are much like being born left or right-handed.  We grow up understanding how we think and we probably beleive that other people think that way — or should think that way!   When things do not go the way we think they should or people do not behave the way we think they should, a stress reation is likely to occur.

We use our powerful From Stress Mode to Best Mode products to help people identify their persistent “hard-wired” stress patterns and learn to “choose” their emotions and actions — rather than automatically reacting to people or situations.  We explain how their mind really works and show them why they think the way they think, why they feel the way they feel, and why they behave the way they behave.  It’s neither nurture nor nature, it’s an in-born “hard-wired” response to interacting with people.  When they recognize it and understand it, they can easily change it.

2. Past experience.  Our subconscious minds remember everything that has ever happened to us, good or bad.  Sometimes people have experienced a trauma that keeps them trapped in fear or unable to believe in themselves.  Other times people have misinterpreted an experience or missed the lesson that was powerfully embedded in the situation.  We all have past experiences that are unresolved in some way.  Many times we have consciously dealt with them, but the subconscious mind still struggles inside us — causing stress and even sabotaging us from reaching our goals.  We have found that these past experiences are processed through the lens of the individual’s hard-wiring as well.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Two people can go through similar experiences but they may react to them very differently.  Because of our hard-wiring, we are pre-programmed to notice certain things and react to them.  Moving from reaction to action requires people to understand their unique hard-wiring.

The biggest thing holding a person back is often their misunderstanding of  themselves.  When they learn how their mind works they can easily free themselves from old habits and patterns.  You can use our products to help people resolve these issues and acheive peace of mind.

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