Stress Reduction Guides for Each TYpe

8x8 ENFP Detailed Summary Cover

The From Stressed To Best™ Stress Reduction Guides for each Type are now available on Amazon.

These 16, full-color books each include a helpful primer on Personality Type and a chart of all 16 Types.  Then each book describes (in words and pictures) how the hard-wiring for the named Type works.   The driving force, four signature strengths for that Type and stress reduction recommendations specifically developed for that Type follow.   Finally, the book details the From Stressed To Best™ easy to follow, 4-step process for using the information unique to the Personality Type to shift out of stress at any time.

These books are designed to be given to clients and to serve as self-help guides that are colorful, compelling and easy to use.

For the desk reference containing the same information for all 16 Personality Types, click here.

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