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We are now offering our From Sressed to Best™ package to Personality Type Practitioners as well as those in other helping professions.

From Stressed to Best is a complete, easy to use system designed to help you work more effectively with clients of all Personality Types.  And most importantly, it will help you be more effective, in both your practice and your life.

Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme developed the From Stressed to Best system while working with real clients.  They recently decided to document their process and share it with other professionals.

Now you too can use this powerful system to help your clients overcome stress and build happier more satisfying lives.

The Package includes:

  1. Determine any Clients Personality Type Using a Simple Intake Form –  A 4 page form you can add to your intake forms.  It is reproducible – easily determine the Personality Type of EVERY client.
  2. Script Book – Personality Based Suggestions for Each of the 16 Personality Types – Powerful Hypnosis/Meditation scripts for stress reduction and confidence/self-esteem building by Personality Type.
  3. Detailed Summaries for Each of the 16 Personality Types: Strengths Stressors and Suggestions Use the appropriate summary to better understand every client and give a copy to the client to help them better understand themselves.
  4. How to Work More Effectively with ALL 16 PERSONALITY TYPES – A guide for helping you understand how to work with clients, who are either the same or opposite from your in-born tendencies.
  5. A Guide to Understanding the Eight Stress Modes – Use this guide to help your client switch from their Stress Mode to their Best Mode.  Easy to use charts help you identify signs of stress for each Personality Type and give you specific strategies and suggestions you can use to help your client regain control, now and forever.

Items 2 through 5 can be ordered on-line by clicking on the Titles above.

To get your complete, From Stressed to Best system mailed directly to you, contact us by Phone: (419) 491-4224 or email: info@MederiWellness.com

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